Whether you are an artist or not, Art Inspires Ashland will inspire you. World-class
artists will give workshops and presentations about their art, their world, and their inspirations.

Presented by Ashland Art Center

357 E Main St. Ashland OR. AAC is a non profit 501(c)(3)
www.artinpiresashland.com • 541-482-2772

November 12th through the 15th
Ashland Art Center
Ashland, Oregon
Proceeds from this event benefit the
Ashland Art Center and its classes,
children’s workshops, arts education, and
professional artists support.

Art Inspires Ashland 2015

On November 12th, 13th, 14th, & 15th 2015, the 4th annual Art Inspires Ashland will bring together some of the world’s most creative minds for a weekend of inspirational workshops, discussions and presentations. Think TED talks with hands-on workshop.” said Denise Baxter, Executive Director of the Ashland Art Center. Our artists/presenters will lead workshops aimed at inspiring regional art students from middle school through college as well as adult students. Plus, our evening presentations will be inspirational to anyone who attends. We are proud to feature these guest artists for Art Inspires Ashland 2015!

The highlight of the weekend

Three featured artists will talk about their skills, inspirations, and accomplishments in 20-minute presentations held at the Historic Ashland Armory on Thursday, November 12th. These same artists will lead workshops during the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, aimed at inspiring artists and art enthusiasts by working closely with these high-caliber artists and creators.

The three featured artists are Gregg Kreutz – Painter, Kevin Christman – Sculptor, Denise Baxter – Artist Entrepenuer.


On November 12th through the 15th, 2015, an event will take place in Ashland, Oregon that may change the way you view art in the world. It will bring together some of the world’s most creative minds for a weekend of inspirational workshops, discussions and presentations. Think “TED” talks with hands-on workshops. Our artists/presenters will lead workshops aimed at inspiring regional art students from middle school through college as well as adult students. Plus, our evening presentations will be inspirational to anyone who attends. We are proud to feature these guests artists for Art Inspires Ashland 2015!


An award winning painter and author of the classic artist’s guide, Problem Solving for Oil Painters, Gregg Kreutz has been drawing and painting all his life. He has won numerous awards and has had one man shows at Grand Central Galleries, The Fanny Garver Gallery, the Newport Art Association, and the Hilligoss Gallery in Chicago. He teaches painting and drawing in New York City, New Mexico, California, and other workshops throughout the country. His videos are popular learning tools used by artists all over the world.
“For me, painting is an opportunity to learn what is meaningful. Each picture is a visual separation of the highly significant from the less significant. Painting is really a window into the essential.”


Kevin Christman – SculptorKevin Christman
Originally from Minnesota, Kevin studied fine art full time at Art Center in Pasadena and has been a professional artist for the past 25 years. Kevin’s work is exhibited worldwide. His most recent exhibition was at MEAM in Barcelona, Spain. He is a member of the National Sculpture Society and the Portrait Society. He is currently working on a five year monumental commission creating the artwork for St. Mary’s Chapel in Medford, Oregon. Many recognize his sculpture “Tree of Transmutation” created for Burning Man in 2012. The Art of Kevin Christman captures the human form and nature in literal, allegorical and ephemeral portrayals that transform the observer into the participant.
“Art that moves me the most has layers of understanding that evolve over time and don’t remain static.”


Denise Baxter – Artist EntrepenuerDenise Baxter
Executive Director and Founder of Ashland Art Center, Denise has experience working with many art mediums such as photography, printing, sculpture, watercolors, computer aided design, murals, and oil painting. Denise acquired her masters degrees in International Business Management and Business Administration. Denise followed her studies in business by working for a Fortune 500 corporation followed by working on two startup organizations. Her interest in combining her art expertise with her business acumen has become a reality with the Ashland Art Center Project.
“It is large-scale, collaborative, three-dimensional art installation grown out of love for the arts by many capable individuals.”


Workshops & Presentations

Evening Presentations

Thursday, November 12th
Doors open at 6pm for catered appetizers and a no-host bar reception
Presentations start at 7:30 pm
Historic Ashland Armory
$30 pre-sale, $35 after Nov. 1st

Join us and prepare to be inspired by our featured artist presenters.
Gregg Kreutz – Painting
Kevin Christman – Sculptor
Denise Baxter – Artist Entrepreneur


Workshop schedule

The Art of the Still Life and Form in Oil with Gregg Kreutz
Friday – Sunday, November 13th -15th, 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.
General $320, Art Center Members $280
Briscoe Art Wing, 265 N. Main St., studio #1, Ashland, OR 97520. Enter at the top of Laurel. The studio is the first one on the left as you enter from the back, near the basketball court.

This three-day workshop will focus on the drama in still life and form. Students will have the option to study either emphasis by learning to turn simple props into compelling compositions or render the human figure in all it’s complexities. The focus will be on manifesting significant form, and modifying or obscuring the less meaningful. Students will be discovering how to create effects with paint strokes, palette knife, as well as brushes – exploring not only a depiction of observed reality, but also a celebration of abstract qualities.
Click here to download the supplies list.
Materials are not included.
Materials can be purchased at the Ashland Art Center Art Supply Store.
This class is appropriate for beginner through advanced.


Sculpting the Human Figure with Kevin Christman
Saturday and Sunday, November 14th and 15th from 5pm to 8pm
General $120, Art Center Members $80

This hands-on class will teach students how to sculpt areas of the human figure that are typically challenging to portray such as sculpting the ear, nose, lips, hands and feet. Renown sculptor, Kevin Christman, will be sharing his knowledge accumulated over the past 25 years of individual recognition as a figurative sculpture, as well as, working with some of the most noted figurative sculptors in America.
Materials are included.
This class is appropriate for beginner through advanced.


YOU ARE A WORK OF ART – Achieving your goals through creative thinking (Panel/Discussion)
Friday, November 13th from 6pm to 8:30pm
Meese Auditorium at SOU; 1250 Siskyou Blvd; The auditorium is located in the Art Building which is adjacent to the Schneider Museum Building
Pre-purchased General tickets $30
Pre-purchased Artist Members tickets $25
Day of tickets for all $35

Wine and Cheese Bar reception will be available before, during, and after the panel discussion. Hosted and Moderated by Denise Baxter, Founder and Executive Director of The Ashland Art Center.

Denise Baxter has gathered together respected and prominent individuals in the area of creative manifestation. They have demonstrated their abilities to think outside the box, with creative objectivity, focus, and fierce determination. Panelists will share how they have been able to attain their goals, using unique methods, beyond mainstream methodology. You are invited to attend and join in the evolving and dynamic panel discussion. The following panel members, confirmed to join, are Dr. Zan Nix and Attorney Lloyd Haines. Other inspiring panelists are in the selection process:

• Panel Member Dr. Zan Nix – Committed to individual transformation, Dr. Zan Nix consults with businesses on issues of diversity, creativity, employee development and leadership. She teaches psychology at Southern Oregon University and practices as a life coach. Quoting Mary Marquez, diversity consultant and co-facilitator, “The hallmark of Zan’s life and work continues to be an abiding awareness of the sacred in every individual and in their potential to engage in the world of transformation.”

• Panel Member Lloyd Haines, Attorney-at-law, Property Development – Lloyd moved to Ashland, Oregon in 1983, and began developing and redeveloping property in Southern Oregon. Prior to that, he practiced law in Livemore, California with Haines & Walker after receiving his law degree from Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law. A New York City native, Lloyd’s interest has primarily been in restoring historic structures and beautifying Ashland. His projects have included Bluebird Park, Shasta Building, Ashland Creek Building, as well as, various public art projects, such as, the “We are Here” sculpture (2006), and the Ashland Creek Art Walk (2007). Lloyd’s current passion is the development of the Sanctuary One, which provides an animal refuge, environmental stewardship, and parkland.

• Shoshana Dubiner – Shoshanah grew up in San Francisco during the ‘golden years’ when the beatniks and then the hippies were making their mark on San Francisco and the world. After graduation from Brandeis University with an MFA in Theater Design, she worked as a costume designer in the Italian cinema, then as a graphics and museum exhibition designer, and finally as a designer of and illustrator for interactive computer-video educational games in the early days of the touch screen. In 2004, Shoshanah moved to Ashland, Oregon with the intention of dedicating herself full time to painting her personal vision. A summer class at SOU in Cell Biology sparked a passion for biological forms, especially those creatures that can only be seen under the microscope. The world of the tiny continues to inspire her today.

• Jack Weins – Jack Wiens is a native Oregonian and moved to Ashland in 2012. For the past few years he has been illustrating children’s books and teaching art classes. He enjoys watercolor, pastels and acrylic painting. He has done stone sculpting also. Art has always been a passion, even when he was working at his other career of professional counselor, which he did until moving here. Jack has a son and daughter and three grandchildren. He loves walking in Lithia Park, hiking, biking and beachcombing and having lively conversation with friends.

• Liz Shepherd – Liz Shepherd was born in Nottingham England. She gained a degree in painting from the prestigious Camberwell School of Art in London in 1975 and taught at London’s Central School of Art. Her watercolors and oils were exhibited in various London galleries before she moved to California in 1979. Ms Shepherd had a successful career in the fine art poster industry in the 1980’s and 1990’s. In the last 15 years, she immersed herself in a rigorous training in Oriental Calligraphy and Sumi-e brush painting with Professor Shozo Sato. She has won several national painting awards, including Best in Show at this year’s National Sumi-e Society exhibition. Her recent work, a series of 28 paintings, are in the collection of Judy Shihe Joel Axelrod.

• David B. Bolen, II – Mr. Bolen has painted on the blank canvas of his life. Dipping into a colorful palate of experiences, education, interests and endeavors he has created a scene that can be viewed from both a horizontal and vertical perspective. At a young age, he was introduced to the diversity of cultures having lived in both Africa and Europe. As a youth, he attended German school. He became interested in music and athletics. His skills on the basketball court awarded him a full athletic scholarship to the University of Colorado. He studied International affairs and later used his degree in the high-tech industry for strategic planning and international business development. After a period of introspection, he retired from the computer industry. He published two books on personal development, The Essence of Living: Reaching Beyond Global Insanity and How You See It, How You Don’t: Discover the Magic and Power of Your Own Beliefs. He is an expert in belief system structuring and has lived and shared his life philosophy worldwide. He has appeared on radio talk shows nationwide and lectured both nationally and abroad. Through his multiple life endeavors he has dipped into his palate to pursue athletics, international business, entrepreneurship, home design/construction, and music. He is as an accomplished drummer and has performed with nationally recognized artists. Locally, he performs with The Rogue Suspects and Jeff K & OverTones. The colors of his life have been creatively combined to produce a fully integrated landscape that is matted in love and framed in joy.




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Ashland Art Center is a non profit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to the advancement of art in Southern Oregon.

Art Inspires Ashland is Ashland Art Center’s largest fundraiser of the year. Your support of this event will not only inspire our community during this event, but will help fund the work of the Art Center year-round with workshops, artist marketing and children’s classes. Thank you for your continued support for the Ashland Art Center and Art Inspires Ashland.


Artist Sponsor $5,000+

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Denise Baxter – Sponsor the panel of experts.

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Ashland Art Center is a non profit 501(C)(3) organization dedication to the advancement of art in Southern Oregon.


Artwork should be sent to:
Jeff Jones, Event Coordinator
541-488-0178 • jrjones@opendoor.com


2014 Artists

Dan ThompsonDan Thompson  lives and works in New York City, where he focuses on painting and drawing from life. His work has been exhibited in public and private collections throughout the world, including the Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, John Pence Gallery, Arcadia Gallery, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Pasadena Museum of California Art, the National Arts Club in New York, the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. and The World Art Museum in Beijing. Since 2006, he has co-founded two schools of art in New York City and regularly conducts workshops all over the United States.


Jean Williams CacicedoJean Williams Cacicedo  received a BFA in Sculpture from the Pratt Institute, New York, in 1970. Based in Berkeley, Jean has been both teacher, curator, lecturer and visiting artist in many schools including CCA Oakland, Penland School North Carolina, Spilt Rock Arts Program U of Minnesota, Shakerag Workshops Tennessee, RMIT Melbourne, Australia, and Hong Kong Polytechnic China. Jean was a prime innovator in the Wearable Art Movement of the 70’s. For over three decades she has worked both on and off the body, incorporating a special process she developed for wool fabrics as well as works on paper. In 2000, a 30-year retrospective of her work was featured at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco, California. Her work can be found in the permanent collections of the de Young Museum, San Francisco, Oakland Museum of California, and Museum of Art and Design, NYC.


Natalie FletcherNatalie Fletcher creates incredible landscape camouflage illusions blending models into natural scenery. Originally from Texas, Natalie moved to Ashland, Oregon in 2006 to attend a four-year intensive painting program. After graduating, Natalie got her first job as a body painter. She instantly loved it: the interactions and the excitement of painting a human. It was new and fresh and unlike painting on canvas. During 2014, Natalie was a contestant on the reality-television body painting competition called Skin Wars. And, on September 24th, 2014, Natalie Fletcher became the first Skin Wars champion! In the final episode, when asked what she would do if she won the $100,000 prize, she said she would become an art advocate for body painting and show how beautiful an art form it is.


2013 Artists

Juliette AristidesJuliette Aristides is a Seattle based painter who seeks to understand and convey the human spirit through art.  Actively dedicated to rebuilding a traditional arts education in the United States, Aristides is the founder and instructor of the Aristides Atelier at the Gage Academy of Fine Art in Seattle, WA. She teaches workshops both nationally and internationally. Author of The Classical Drawing Atelier, The Classical Painting Atelier, and Lessons in Classical Drawing with Random House, Watson-Guptill, NY, she frequently contributes to arts publications.
Aristides exhibits in one person and group shows nationally and her work has been featured in Gulf Connoisseur Magazine, Artists and Illustrators UK, Artist’s Magazine, American Arts Quarterly, Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector and American Artist.


Reina-Marie LoaderReina-Marie Loader born in South Africa, Ms. Loader has been making independent socio-political films since 2002. She has won several prizes and nominations for her films. Cutting Silence, a film on female genital mutilation in Africa, won Best Newcomer at the Durban International Film Festival in South Africa, while her film Sarajevo: Shelved Memories was nominated for the prestigious Learning on Screen Award (British Universities Film and Video Council). Her film organization, Cinéma Humain (www.cinemahumain.com), specializes in developing innovative ways to engage the public directly with significant social and humanitarian issues.  She is currently in post-production of a documentary entitled HORN, which centres around the issue of rhino poaching in South Africa. The film not only highlights some of the problems facing rhino conservation, but also points out some of the significant social problems facing the communities in the affected areas.


Lucy KnisleyLucy Knisley is an illustrator, comic artist and author. Occasionally she is a puppeteer, ukulele player and food/travel writer. Her first published book, French Milk, is a drawn journal about living (and eating) in Paris with her mother. (From Touchstone Publishing from Simon and Schuster), August of 2008. Her second book, Relish, from First Second Books, is about growing up in the food industry. Miss Knisley (the K is silent) is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she went to study painting, and ended up making comics. She then studied at the Center for Cartoon Studies, where she received a scholarship to pursue her MFA. Beginning with a love for Archie comics, Tintin, and Calvin and Hobbes, she has been making comics in some form or another since she could hold a pencil. She lives in New York, where she makes comics, does freelance illustration, and teaches the occasional comics workshop.  www.lucyknisley.com


2012 Artists

Eric DrookerEric Drooker is probably best known for paintings that have appeared on many New Yorker magazine covers since 1994. Inspired by social-realist art of the first half of the 20th century, Drooker is also the creator of three graphic novels: Flood! A Novel in Pictures (1992), Blood Song: A Silent Ballad (2002), and Howl: A Graphic Novel (2010). His friendship with the late poet Allen Ginsberg led to several projects, including, most recently, Drooker’s animation for the 2010 film Howl, starring James Franco.
Tracy Lee StumTracy Lee Stum is an internationally recognized American chalk artist and street painter specializing in spectacular, interactive 3D chalk art street paintings. A visionary and master in the chalk art world, Tracy’s mind-blowing 3D images continue to ‘wow’, inspire and amaze viewers around the globe! Tracy also holds the Guinness World record for the largest chalk drawing by an individual.
Georgina HaynsGeorgina Hayns has been involved in all aspects of puppet fabrication for stop-motion films for over twenty years. She supervised children’s television series and commercials including Noddy, Bob the Builder, Lipton® Brisk® Tea and Puffs Tissues. She also worked on animated feature films and shorts such as Mars Attacks! and the Academy Award®-nominated Periwig Maker. Georgina worked on Corpse Bride and most recently served as Supervisor of the Puppet Fabrication Department on “Coraline” and “ParaNorman”.


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