On November 12th through the 15th, 2015, an event will take place in Ashland, Oregon that may change the way you view art in the world. It will bring together some of the world’s most creative minds for a weekend of inspirational workshops, discussions and presentations. Think “TED” talks with hands-on workshops. Our artists/presenters will lead workshops aimed at inspiring regional art students from middle school through college as well as adult students. Plus, our evening presentations will be inspirational to anyone who attends. We are proud to feature these guests artists for Art Inspires Ashland 2015!


An award winning painter and author of the classic artist’s guide, Problem Solving for Oil Painters, Gregg Kreutz has been drawing and painting all his life. He has won numerous awards and has had one man shows at Grand Central Galleries, The Fanny Garver Gallery, the Newport Art Association, and the Hilligoss Gallery in Chicago. He teaches painting and drawing in New York City, New Mexico, California, and other workshops throughout the country. His videos are popular learning tools used by artists all over the world.
“For me, painting is an opportunity to learn what is meaningful. Each picture is a visual separation of the highly significant from the less significant. Painting is really a window into the essential.”


Kevin Christman – SculptorKevin Christman
Originally from Minnesota, Kevin studied fine art full time at Art Center in Pasadena and has been a professional artist for the past 25 years. Kevin’s work is exhibited worldwide. His most recent exhibition was at MEAM in Barcelona, Spain. He is a member of the National Sculpture Society and the Portrait Society. He is currently working on a five year monumental commission creating the artwork for St. Mary’s Chapel in Medford, Oregon. Many recognize his sculpture “Tree of Transmutation” created for Burning Man in 2012. The Art of Kevin Christman captures the human form and nature in literal, allegorical and ephemeral portrayals that transform the observer into the participant.
“Art that moves me the most has layers of understanding that evolve over time and don’t remain static.”


Denise Baxter – Artist EntrepenuerDenise Baxter
Executive Director and Founder of Ashland Art Center, Denise has experience working with many art mediums such as photography, printing, sculpture, watercolors, computer aided design, murals, and oil painting. Denise acquired her masters degrees in International Business Management and Business Administration. Denise followed her studies in business by working for a Fortune 500 corporation followed by working on two startup organizations. Her interest in combining her art expertise with her business acumen has become a reality with the Ashland Art Center Project.
“It is large-scale, collaborative, three-dimensional art installation grown out of love for the arts by many capable individuals.”